Huahai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

           Huahai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. which situates at Gantang Shipbuilding Industrial Zone, Fuan, Fujian, China, is a modern  innovative enterprise specializing in shipbuilding, ship repair, ship brokerage, ship’s spare part sales and the like with the mode of “Internet + shipping”. Huahai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. offers excellent services for customers with ideal shore line, sea areas, production equipment and facilities like berth, dock, wharf, crane and the like, production qualification and professional talent team.  

Now Huahai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing various kinds of ships such as multipurpose tug, all direction tug, deck barge, engineering ship, OSV, oil product carrier, bulk carrier and container ship.

           The company's existing  production base has manufactured such brand name products as bulk carrier with a variety of tonnage, oil product carrier, OSV, ocean fishing vessel, refrigerator ship, container ship, ro-ro passenger ship, cement carrier, supply vessel, barge with ten thousand tonnage, dredger, liquefied gas carrier and fisheries administration ship, etc. The newly-built Huahai shipping websit offers value-added services for the customers in the aspects of second-hand ship trading, shipping data, ship’s spare part trading and so on.       

           Now Huahai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. links up the upstream and downstream industrial enterprises in the fields of information regarding with marine market and owner, professional and technical personnel, science and technology, supply of supporting enterprise and energy and logistics, etc by applying Internet information technologies to form large databases. The company is professional engaged in providing the services including market development, order receiving, supporting products supply, ship design and development, inspection and detection, second-hand ship trading, labour service management, training and management of talents, information service and financial service, playing the leading role as the pioneers in the local industry development and leading the efficiency increasing and industrial upgrading.

           Huahai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. maintains continuously  friendly co-operative relations with customers upholding the corporate culture of people-oriented and muture-beneficial cooperation, following the operating principles of "integrity first, quality first, after-sales service first". Huahai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is sincerely willing to work with people from all walks of life to strive to make contributions to marine economy development together.